A Vision To Empower: Origin Story

bex Rlonghurst

October 2, 2021


A Vision To Empower was founded by Ebony Woods, with the goal of providing a safe environment that encourages children to develop a love for learning.

The youth in our area are often “latchkey” kids who from 3-6pm are left on their own to decompress after school, complete assignments, and prepare for the next day. According to ACS, New York has no age restriction on a child being left alone at home. This is understandable in theory, as many belong to single-parent households or have both parents working, however this leaves school-aged children to their own devices without proper guidance or instruction.

This can lead to children being poorly influenced to commit crime, become involved with gangs or simply to make poor decisions which inevitably have consequences. Our Youth Mentoring Program provides a safe environment for children that encourages learning, and provides them with the tools they need to become leaders in school and the community, who are able to positively influence and guide others.

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